A photo of Timber Ridges Untouchable, CH, a white standard poodle


Kamarris T'onyyan, ENG CH, White
Labamba Hotshot, ENG CH~JW, Black
Freestep Prima Donna, CH, Black
Labamba Leroy, Black
Afterglow Alcatraz, Black
Afterglow Jailbird at Labamba
Torpaz Get Even, Black
Magin Driving Me Crazy, CH, Black
Torpaz Stars And Stripes, Black
Afterglow Alcatraz, Black
Torpaz The Dream In White
Magin Don't Eat The Daisies at Afterglow, ENG CH, White
Kamarris T'onyyan, ENG CH, White
Magin Wild And Wicked, ENG CH, Black
Pamplona Stand By Me, Black
Elliott - Timber Ridges Untouchable, CH, White
Signature On File at Pinafore, AM CH~TP, Silver
Pinafore Play For Keeps, AM CH, White
Pinafore Pay Attention, AM CH, White
Comets Timber Ridge Cash, Ch, White
Lemerle Travellin' Lite, AM CAN CH, White
Hillgriff Sapphire For Comet, White
Hillgriffs Race Day D'Lite, Black
Comet's Timber Ridge Tiny Dancer, CH, White
Treson - Lake Cove That's My Boy, MBIS MBISS AM CH~TP, White
Lake Cove Grabbing The Spotlight, AM CH, Black
Camelot Evita, Black
Kaylen's Casting Call At Comet, Cream
Kaylen's Cadillac Style, MBIS AM CH~TP, Black
Kaylens Dansel Cover Girl, Black
Dalcrista's Chorus Line Luna, AM CH, Cream