A photo of Sunridge Twilight Over Mount Bethel, a blue standard poodle


Pinafore Private Eye, AM CH, White
Pinafore Prospecter, AM CH, White
Pinafore Predicament, AM CH, White
Talley - Graphic Metalica, AM/INT CH~TP, Silver
Signature On File at Pinafore, AM CH~TP, Silver
Pinafore Surprise Package, Ch, Silver
Pinafore Say Pretty Please, Silver
Monet - Mill Rose Masterpiece, White
Lake Cove's Just Step Aside Boys, AM CH, White
Blacktie Shining On Lakecove, Ch, Silver
Pinafore Bonne Idee, AM CH, Black
Giselle - Graphic Blacktie Celebrity, AM CH, Silver
Whisperwind's On A Carousel, MBIS AM CH~TP, White
Graphic Sauvie Quicksilver, CH~TP, Silver
Graphic First Lady, ~TP, Black
Lyla - Sunridge Twilight Over Mount Bethel, Blue
Jateko Remington Steele, AM CH, Silver
Rider - Jateko Ghostrider In The Sky, AM CH, Silver
Vulcan Silver Possum, Silver
Percy - Versailles Color Me Bad, AM CH, Blue
Flitwick Foreman, AUS Ch, Black
Versailles Asia Of Mandalay, White
Dassin Versailles, Cream
Skye - X. Skye of Sunridge, Blue
Blacktie Slvrngent Dayspring, AM/CAN CH, Silver
Shadow - Comets Timber Ridge Moonshdw, Ch, Silver
Comets Timber Ridge Express, White
Jewel - Amandi's Moonbeam, White
Lake Cove Ropin The Wind, Ch, White
Mandi - Amandi Head In The Clouds, White
Star Abiri Of Gaenja, Cream