A photo of Sunridge Blue Lace Masterpiece, a blue standard poodle


Pinafore Private Eye, AM CH, White
Pinafore Prospecter, AM CH, White
Pinafore Predicament, AM CH, White
Talley - Graphic Metalica, AM/INT CH~TP, Silver
Signature On File at Pinafore, AM CH~TP, Silver
Pinafore Surprise Package, Ch, Silver
Pinafore Say Pretty Please, Silver
Monet - Mill Rose Masterpiece, White
Lake Cove's Just Step Aside Boys, AM CH, White
Blacktie Shining On Lakecove, Ch, Silver
Pinafore Bonne Idee, AM CH, Black
Giselle - Graphic Blacktie Celebrity, AM CH, Silver
Whisperwind's On A Carousel, MBIS AM CH~TP, White
Graphic Sauvie Quicksilver, CH~TP, Silver
Graphic First Lady, ~TP, Black
Laci - Sunridge Blue Lace Masterpiece, Blue
Heza Phabulusphoozl D'leeron, Black
Helen's Rocky Balboa, AM CH, Black
The Dutchess Von Ross, ~CD, Black
Unicorn's Black Jaxx, Black
Wycliffe Herald, AM CH, Black
Helens Blackberry Of Leeron, Black
Sheza Sassiphoozl Of Leeron, Black
Friend's Midnight Lace, Black
Sir Sampson The Magnificent
Sebastian The Dark Prince, Black
Princess Greta Ziemann
Autumn Acres, Black
Holland's Master Son Of Sam, Black
Autumn Acres Guardian Angel, White
Autumnacres Eye Of The Storm