A photo of Sunridge Vision In the Moonlight, a white standard poodle


Labamba Leroy, Black
Magin Driving Me Crazy, CH, Black
Magin Don't Eat The Daisies at Afterglow, ENG CH, White
Elliott - Timber Ridges Untouchable, CH, White
Comets Timber Ridge Cash, Ch, White
Comet's Timber Ridge Tiny Dancer, CH, White
Kaylen's Casting Call At Comet, Cream
Cyrus - Sunridge Untouchable Vision, Silver
Talley - Graphic Metalica, AM/INT CH~TP, Silver
Graphic Silver Moonbeam, Ch, Silver
Graphic Sauvie Quicksilver, CH~TP, Silver
Crystal - Sunridge Crystal Vision, Silver
Beau Reagh Bradford, White
Oakcrest Remingtons Showgirl, Silver
Oakcrest Remington's Mascara, Silver
Dynah - Sunridge Vision In the Moonlight, White
King's Champagne Taste, AM CH~TP, Black
Vogel's Mystical Wizard, ~CD, Black
Piccadilly's Lilly Langtry, Black
Janill Moonstone Lite My Fire, UKC CH, White
Mardi Gras Kiyara Different Drummer, AM CH, Silver
Matisse La Belle Claire, ~CD, RN, White
Lemerle Matisse Cote D'Azure, AM CH, Blue
Miss Dee - Sunridge Fire In The Moonlight, White
Vetset Ever Ready, AM/CAN CH OTCH~AM CD, TP, Black
Martaux Le Chien Noir, AM CH~CD, Black
Martaux Expertease, AM CH, Black
Confetti's Danina Of Shired's, UKC Ch, Blue
Shipps Anani Keanu, AM CH, White
Diamond's Stone Sparkle Sam, White
Fancy Diamond Lil, Black